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A facial is a great treatment for men to try first, especially if they are nervous about the spa service experience.

Men often use fewer products on their face than women. Advertising a facial for a man could be more effective if described as a post-sunburn treatment or as protection from the sun.

Once they’ve experienced a facial, they will realize how relaxing and calming it can be.

Sauna and Stream Room

What could be more luxurious and invigorating than a room filled with swirling steam and heat? Saunas differ from a steam room because they use dry heat as opposed to moist heat.

Both are popular types of treatment with men for various reasons.

Steam and sauna have a long tradition in many cultures, from Turkish baths to Native American steam lodges, and the heat can feel like the best kind of self-indulgence. If a client is new to heat treatment, he will find the sensations immensely appealing.

Body Wrap/Mud Bath

Although men are typically not as concerned about soft and fragrant skin as are women, a healthy, healing touch is often welcomed after a hard week’s work.

A body wrap or mud bath with a refreshing, clean smell such as patchouli vetiver or vanilla may hit the spot. You could possibly create a product that soaks into the skin and doesn’t have to be rinsed off after the wrap.

Vichy Shower

A vichy shower is a great stand-alone service as a water massage. It can be also used after a mud bath or body wrap to wash off the product.

The shower has seven hoses, which are sometimes movable so the practitioner can adjust the water pressure and target specific muscle groups. It is both invigorating and relaxing.

Detox Foot Bath

This is a more therapeutic foot soak in a special ionic bath. It contains an array of salts that when activated, detoxify the body. The treatment takes 30 minutes, and has been known to help relieve muscle and joint soreness, boost the immune and lymphatic systems and increase stamina and energy levels when done regularly.
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