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Full Body Massage Therapy is one of the most popular massage practices performed in south- east Asia. It’s a traditional massage remedy that helps you to relax and recover from pain in your chine and bones. Ayurveda, which is an ancient medical system, can be fluently traced to its origins. Several Indian metropolises are the mecca of different types of massage remedy including Potli massage. Delhi NCR is one of the major regions where massage curatives are frequently reserved by guests. So, if you ’re in NCR and looking for Potli massage, contact us as we are the best massage spa in Noida.

What is Massage Therapy

A Potli massage is a traditional Indian massage remedy that uses a warm, herbal Potli( poke ) filled with beach, spices, and sauces. The therapist will blarney the warmed soft Potli over the body, using a variety of strokes, pressure, and the power of sauces to relieve pressure, help ameliorate rotation and ease muscle pain. So, this type of massage is said to be salutary for the mind and body and can help to relieve stress and pressure.

Potlies: what are they made of??

Potlica used in Potli Massage uses a selection of fresh and dry sauces and accoutrements grounded on your body’s specific requirements. For illustration in the treatment of lupus complaint under panchakarma ayurvedic treatment, two major ways are used- Navarakizhi & Elakizhi. Patra Potli( Elakizhi) is wrapped in sauces similar as Nirgundi, Eranda, and neem socked in heated herbal oil painting. Whereas another Shashti Shali Potli( Navarakizhi) contains rice, cooked in medicinal oil painting.

All the constituents used in these Potlis are named precisely grounded on the need for treatment. occasionally it contains just simple worm beach. The treatment involves two types dry massage and wet massage. Both the Shashti Shali Potli massage and Patra Potli massage are exemplifications of wet massage while Sand Potli massage is an illustration of dry massage.

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Benefits: There are several reasons why potli massage is popular?

Potli Massage has lots of benefits over other common massage ways. Kizhi fashion not only helps you to relax in your body and relieve physical and internal pain, it also provides other health benefits, including lupus treatment. Then are the top 5 benefits of taking Potli Massage Therapy-

1. The Potli contains ‘ Ashwagandha ’ which is helpful to reduce stress and relax strained muscles.

2. It contains’ Mustard and Neem’, which are largely effective in detoxifying the body and skin. It helps to ameliorate your blood rotation in your body.

3. The Potli contains ‘ Rosemary & Rice ’ which temper the pressure in the muscles and enhance the quality of your blood.

4. The Potli contains ‘ Aloe vera, onion, Turmeric, and gusto ’ which boosts your impunity and reduces inflammation.

5. This is ananti-aging massage fashion that helps to ameliorate your skin quality by adding shine and luster.

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The benefits of Kizhi (Potli Massage Therapy)) Work?

Kizhi or Potli massage remedy has vital health benefits in so numerous conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, firmed shoulders, spondylitis, osteoarthritis, etc. Croakers themselves frequently recommend Kizhi remedy to their cases. During the remedy session, a combination of fire and water combined with ayurvedic constituents containing specific sauces is used to treat. When the wormed dry or wet Potli is overpraised on your body, it opens the small pores in your skin and relaxes the body muscles. Doing this, allows the specific sauces to work on your body and brain, therefore giving you relaxation.

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